Aberavon Road

A discreet extension at the rear of a listed terraced building in East London required partial excavation into the garden to create a fluid interior space.

The client’s modest budget required some creative thinking, and the need to retain the existing garden fences led to the concept for the proposed cladding, resulting in the new extension and sedum roof instantly blending into its context.

Working closely with the client was of paramount importance for the success of this small but challenging project, in which we finely balanced the planning and budget restraints of the project with our ambition to create a unique space that perfectly accommodates family life.

“We got in touch with Bianca and the team having seen some of their previous work and, having struggled to get planning permission, they were great at helping us navigate the planning process while designing something exciting and unexpected. And despite our tight budget, they worked with us to get real value for money out of the project. As a result, we have continued working with them since.”

Andrew, Aberavon Road and Bottle Apostle

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