Warner House No1

Our design for this unique apartment refurbishment focused on enhancing the provocative industrial aesthetic of the existing building. The old apartment was stripped back to its bare shell, and we exposed the dramatic geometry of the concrete beams and columns.

Several spaces were then “inserted”, including a TV room, 2 bedrooms, separate family and guest bathrooms, a utility room and an adaptable guest bedroom. By stopping the new partitions short of the undersides of the beams, we expressed these inserts as something added to the space, secondary to the primary structure

The existing building had an intriguingly tactile industrial structure, with exposed concrete beams throughout its interior. These original structural elements proved far more captivating than the apartment’s existing interior, and Resident’s subsequent intervention sought to enhance their prominence.

In combination, the project’s lighting, tones and textures collude to create a series of tranquil domestic spaces amidst the bustle of central London.

The project was shortlisted for the NLA Don’t Move, Improve! Awards.

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