The London Bridge Hotel

The independently run London Bridge Hotel initiated a feasibility study in 2019 exploring the potential of increasing the existing key room count of 144 towards a preferential 200-room size hotel.

Respecting the historical fabric of the location, we drew inspiration from the three distinct buildings with their varied architectural elements. The challenge was to extend these disparate structures at roof level whilst improving their circulation, presence and DDA access to all three. There was an early commitment to retain the embodied carbon within the robust concrete frame within the 20-26 building. This commitment to retain the structure enabled a new facade and entrance, transforming the once heavy, dark brick exterior into a clean, elegant elevation.

Key collaborations with consultants significantly influenced the project’s evolution. The heritage consultant, Cogent Heritage, played a crucial role in navigating the perceived harm and public benefit conversations, ensuring a delicate balance between conservation and transformation benefit. The scheme needed to demonstrate that the kinetic views around the site created benefit that far outweighed any perceived harm to the listed building settings to the south of the site

London Bridge Hotel redevelopment is ultimately a conversation between historical conservation, modern design, and client ambition. As the project progresses through the planning process, it promises to redefine the hotel’s physical presence and elevate its status within the competitive landscape of London Bridge’s hospitality environment.

This complex scheme embodies Residents value: focused, active, positivity—a ‘yes we can’ attitude that moves projects like this forward.

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