Who we are —

Architects. Interior designers. Problem solvers. Innovators. Collaborators. We are Resident. We specialise in the design, branding, management, navigation and delivery of outstanding hospitality environments; ranging in location from the high street to international airports.

Building upon nearly three decades of a dedicated and collaborative approach to designing valued spaces, we are a quality assured architectural practice with a wealth of knowledge and diverse expertise.

With a proven track record of adding real value through high-quality, cost-effective design, our diligent, highly professional and personable team get the job done in a timely manner.

Our work spans sectors, but creating spaces and places where people feel connected, comfortable and grounded is at the core of what we do. We approach each of our projects as a collaborative endeavour. Our work is a result of both a rigorous design process and our open, communicative approach to client relationships.

We operate as an Employee Ownership Trust. Every team member has a voice in the decisions of the practice, regardless of role or seniority, resulting in a truly democratic workplace. We believe this helps us to design places better suited to the people that live, work and play in them.

We partner with forward-thinking, ambitious clients to create values-driven architecture and interiors. Our Clients’ aspirations and values inform our designs and we take cost-control and sustainability seriously. We remove the weight of the process and allow our Clients to focus on the ‘after’, resulting in experience-led architecture and interiors that quietly enable and inspire life to take place long after our involvement. 

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