Who we are —

Resident is the architectural practice of choice for those seeking innovative, visually striking, and cost-effective design solutions. With nearly three decades of experience, we specialise in creating exceptional hospitality environments, ranging from high-street cafes to international airports.

Our team of architects, interior designers, problem-solvers, and innovators work collaboratively with our clients to craft functional and beautiful spaces. We believe in a values-driven approach to architecture, with our client’s aspirations and values informing every aspect of our design process.

As an Employee Ownership Trust, we have a unique workplace culture where every team member has a voice in the decisions of the practice, regardless of role or seniority. This results in a genuinely democratic environment where creativity and collaboration thrive.

At Resident, we take cost control and sustainability seriously, and we aim to take the weight of the process off our clients, allowing them to focus on the ‘after’. Our experience-led architecture and interiors quietly enable and inspire life to take place long after our involvement.

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