CLAW started life back in 2015 as a food stall when its founder, Fabian Clark, discovered that Britain exports approximately 80% of its crab to the rest of Europe and Asia. He made the conscious decision to only use UK sourced seafood and ingredients to develop a menu of classic dishes with a twist.

With our assistance, this brand ethos has been carried into the design of their first restaurant through the use of locally sourced and reclaimed materials, iconic furniture and bespoke design elements that all come together to create a relaxed and social atmosphere.

Design of the two floors focussed on creating this social and informal dining but to ensure a sense of privacy and comfort was retained. Intimate lighting, carefully designed acoustics and semi-transparent space divisions provide this privacy while an open kitchen, dining at the bar and drink stations peppered around the restaurant encourage customers to engage with each other, the staff and the drama of the culinary experience.

The fast pace of the industry and the adventurous material palette developed, guaranteed this would be an exciting project. This first location has really been a test project for the brand, allowing us to help CLAW define what works, both aesthetically and functionally, which means we’re ready to roll out the concept across any new locations as they continue to grow

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