Red Cross Garden

Back in 2003 we joined the Steering and ‘friends of’ group that was interested in turning what was a dog mess infested area of tarmac into a public garden.

One of the things that attracted us to this project was the history of the space. Redcross was one of Octavia Hill’s pilot projects to create social housing around a communal garden, which she called an outside living room. Octavia Hill was one of the original pioneers in the social housing movement she has a direct influence on the way that Social Housing providers go about their business today. Forge have worked for many of the active RSL’s and RP’s particularly in London. The Historical link and the fact that the garden celebrates her life and achievements was of great interest to us. As well as being an active member of the steering group we have separately given BOST property and planning advice on a bro bono basis. We also encouraged one of our longstanding clients, Lassco, to donate a significant piece of Architectural Salvage to the garden. Redcross Gardens won the Coveted RHS best small park in London in 2016/17.

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