Our approach —

There is no copy-and-paste approach here. Every project is unique and we treat it on its own merits. We listen carefully to our client’s aspirations and understand their values before we begin exploring the potential of the site, brief and budget to come up with the best ideas. And we love to work with others, pulling in experts and consultants. We know when to lead and when to listen and are skilled in managing teams to get the best out of everyone.

Our attentive, by-your-side approach makes us the go-to architect for many clients. We know that what we do is more than design – it’s guidance and support, monitoring costs and programmes, and managing contractors and consultants. That’s why we’re by and on our client’s side, looking after their best interests, advising and updating on all aspects of the design and build while delivering on time and budget.

We design places that make people feel good, considering their mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. Everything from light, acoustics, thermal comfort, fresh air and materials is central to the design process. In our designs, we always consider connections between buildings and places (as important as the buildings themselves), access to the outdoors and green space, and links to the wider community.

When we talk about sustainability, we mean more than just the environment. In everything we do – from running our studio to how we design – we consider the economic, social and cultural impact, too. Yes, we design buildings that tread lightly on the planet, but we also work to build community and improve people’s lives while making sure our business can thrive in the long term.

As an employee ownership trust (EOT), we truly are a collective, with each of us vital to Resident’s success. We’re democratic, believing good ideas can come from anywhere. That’s why everyone has a voice – whether an architectural assistant or a director – and we listen. Together, we are working towards a common goal while ensuring the future sustainability of our business.

– RIBA Chartered Practice
– ARB Registered Architects
– ISO 9001 Quality Management
– ISO 14001 Environmental Management

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