Who we are —

Building upon nearly three decades of a dedicated and collaborative approach to designing valued spaces, Resident is a quality assured architectural practice with a wealth of knowledge and diverse expertise.

With a proven track record of adding real value through high-quality, cost-effective design, our diligent, highly professional and personable team get the job done in a timely manner.

We understand the challenges and logistics within this fast evolving sector, as well as opportunities presented within complex and constrained sites. We approach each of our projects as a collaborative endeavour. Our work is a result of both a rigorous design process and our open, communicative approach to client relationships.

We operate as an Employee Ownership Trust. Every team member has a voice in the decisions of the practice, regardless of role or seniority, resulting in a truly democratic workplace. We believe this helps us to design places better suited to the people that live, work and play in them.

We partner with forward-thinking, ambitious clients to create values-driven architecture and interiors. Our Clients’ aspirations and values inform our designs and we take cost-control and sustainability seriously. We remove the weight of the process and allow our Clients to focus on the ‘after’, resulting in experience-led architecture and interiors that quietly enable and inspire life to take place long after our involvement. 

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